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Service Options



Whether you're seeking temporary business support, assistance implementing a project or launching a new business, or just in need of expert business advice - We can help! 

Customized options to fit your needs! 

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Project Management & Business Support 

Business Consultation & Strategic Planning

Freelance PM - 10 hrs

Select this option if your project or request requires a minimal time commitment. Typically recommended for one time project requests, brief research, copywriting or admin support. 


Top up anytime. Hours are transferable month-to-month.

Select this option if your project or request requires a fair amount of time for completion.

Typically recommended for on-going projects, business planning sessions or implementation of marketing activities.


Top up anytime. Hours are transferable month-to-month.

Freelance PM - 30 hrs


Project Management - Monthly Flat Rate Option


With this option you don't need to count the hours!  


Typically recommended for projects that require significant time committment such as launching a new business or program, planning and implementing a marketing campaign or organizational restructuring initiatives.

One-Time Consultation 


Is your business in transition? Need to make a tough decision but can’t decide on the best strategy? Could you use some critical feedback on your business plan or goals? 


A one-time business consultation session might be right for you! 



A strategic planning session is meant to tackle a particular business issue. The session involves pinpointing the direct cause, brainstorming to identify solutions, with an expected outcome of a strategic implementation plan that addresses the issue. 


Planning sessions are typically one full or half-day, depending on the scope.

One-Time Stratey Planning Session


Through consultation, our goal is to help you through the tough decisions that will transform your business performance

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