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As a valued client, you can expect personalized services catered to your specific needs. You can also anticipate more than business advice - the team at Veronica Ford Consulting will roll up our sleeves to lend our clients a helping hand.

Looking to launch a business, improve performance, or elevate your brand? We can help! 


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Business Launch Support


Whatever your reasons are for wanting to start a business Veronica Ford Consulting is here to provide you with sound business advice. 


Our expert consultants will assess your business start up needs, compile a customized action plan, then lead you through strategic planning sessions to ensure the fundamentals are in place. 


We’re not just here to give business advice; at VFC we roll up our sleeves to assist you with the workload and research involved to launch your business successfully. 

Operations Management Consulting


Operations consulting is the process of evaluating a company's internal procedures and strategies to determine the overall health and sustainability of the company and identify areas for specific change. The ultimate goal is to ensure the long-term success of the company by maximizing efficiency, refining processes, and optimizing resources.

Marketing Communications


Marketing Communications is a dynamic synergy between marketing efforts and strategic branding. While marketing entails promoting products or services, branding focuses on effectively communicating your company's identity and messaging to key stakeholders. By integrating these two elements, we create a synergistic approach that has a profound impact on driving sales, elevating your brand, and accelerating overall success.



Maximizing operational efficiency can directly impact a business's bottom line and increase profitability. Studies show that companies that invest in process optimization can increase their productivity over 25% and improve cost savings 50% or more.

We can help!


Business Support

We can focus on a specific aspect of your business planning or all the key areas required for launching successfully

  • Business concept & plan development 


  • Sales and marketing planning 


  • Operations planning & support


  • Administrative support such as, research or set-up of your business accounts & tools

  • Project planning and support


  • Funding options


  • Leadership Coaching


Operations Support

Our consultants specialize in identifying and implementing solutions to optimize processes, reduce costs and boost revenue, ensuring you’re on the right track to become a more sustainable and profitable business

  • We can help you identify wasteful processes and resources that negatively affect your profit margins and recommend new work processes or tools to improve quality and productivity. 


  • Evaluate your growth potential and identify the necessary resources, people, and tools to help your company achieve its goals. 


Marketing Support

We provide the expertise to help you answer important questions in your marketing communications planning such as:

  • What are the goals and objectives of your marketing communications efforts?

  • How will you differentiate yourself from competitors in your messaging and positioning?


  • What marketing tools and platforms are you utilizing to position yourself, and is it right for your audience? 


  • How effective are your current communication efforts to your target audience? 


  • What metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) will you use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing communications efforts?

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