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Whether you're seeking temporary business support, assistance implementing a project or launching a new business, or just in need of expert business advice - We can help! 

Customized options to fit your needs! 

Check out the service options below, Or, learn more about our area of Expertise >

Choose from hourly or packaged options, or let us customize an option to meet your needs

Project Management & Business Support 

  • Gain access to our team of professional project experts for the duration of the time selected.  Note that our team typically consists of a Project Lead, Project Coordinator and Project Administrator.  Most plans last up to 3 months, so feel free to use the time as needed.

  • With our package options, choose between 10 hours, 30 hours or have our team design a custom solution to meet your needs - we can also bill hourly if preferred.

  • You can also connect with our team to find the right solution for you, we will customize the options to meet your budget and needs.

Project/Business Support Services

Could you use an extra hand?

  • Outsource project/business tasks in support of daily operations or implementation activities!  Simply book the amount of support hours that suits your needs. 

10 HOURS: Select this option if your project or request requires a minimal time commitment. Typically recommended for one time project requests, brief research, copywriting or admin support.  30 HOURS: Select this option if your project or request requires a fair amount of time for completion.  Typically recommended for on-going projects, business planning sessions or implementation of marketing activities. CUSTOM PLAN Typically recommended for projects that require significant time commitment such as launching a new business or program, planning and implementing a marketing campaign or organizational restructuring initiatives. ​

Guide for Selecting Hours

Business Consultation & Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Sessions

Are you feeling stuck?

  • Or in need of critical feedback on your business plan or goals?


  • Is your business going through a transitional phase, and you're struggling to determine the best strategy for your next move. If so, consider a one-time strategic planning session tailored to your needs.

  • Our strategic planning sessions are specifically designed to address your unique business challenges. During the session, we will pinpoint the root cause of the issue, brainstorm potential solutions, and determine next steps to effectively tackle the issue.

  • Our planning sessions can be as short as two hours or extend to a full or half-day, depending on the scope of your needs. Let us provide the support you require to navigate critical decisions and propel your business forward with confidence.

Business Coaching 1:1

Professional Coaching Sessions

Clear your mind

  • A clear mind paves the way for impactful decisions

  • Through consultation and coaching, our goal is to guide you in making impactful decisions that will transform business performance and support your leadership journey.

  • Looking for more than one personalized sessions? Explore our bundled coaching options for greater value.  HERE >

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